Oct 19, 2008


Colin Powell has now endorsed Barack Obama. Does this endorsement redeem him for his Mad Men-like performance in selling the bogus claims of Iraqi WMD at the UN back in 2003? Probably not. But the endorsement does demonstrate how utterly pissed The General must be at the Bush posse, especially Darth and Rummy, for the way that they put him out on front street. The General, the only one in the Bush Whitehouse with the necessary credibility at the time, used his persausive oratorical skills to close the deal on the unilateral, preemptive, invasion of a soveriegn nation. This is something that he will never be able to fully live down, but this endorsement shows that The General does have a mind of his own, something I was never sure about before.

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Ron Yerxa said...

Perfectly stated Dr. Boyd. Colin Powell is a sad but instructive figure in America history. He knew what was right and expressed his correct analysis of the possible war in Iraq behind closed doors. But then he acquiesced and used his moral weight to espouse a position he knew was false - at tremendous cost to the country. Taking a stand at the critical moment could have saved us all.

The current Oliver Stone film "W" portrays Powell's hand-wringing - albeit in a schematic fashion.

Still, his stand is better late than never. Powell's endorsement of Obama is the best and most articulate 7 minute presentation on why Obama must be president.

Powell's public life is a painful lesson for all of us to take a strong stand in a timely way.