Oct 25, 2008

Play Your Position

So, word on the street is that Sarah P. has become a "rogue" candidate. In order words, she is being accused of breaking away from the advice of McCain's handlers and instead choosing to go her own way. The implication is that she is looking ahead to the future where, assuming a McCain-Palin defeat on Nov. 4, she will be the reigning star of the Republican party, set to run for the presidency in 2012.

Well, if Sarah P. is going her own way while the McCain ship is sinking, then there is no one to blame other than McCain himself. When you put a not-ready-for-prime-time player from the end of the bench into the game at crunch time what do you expect? Sarah Barracuda hit a few lucky shots at her roll out in the Buckeye State and at the GOP convention and then the next thing you know she can't stop shooting, in spite of the fact that she's been shooting bricks every since. Sarah embraces the concept of "do for self." Though her team seems destined to lose, she appears to be padding her stats in anticipation of a new free agent contract once this political season is over.

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