Oct 10, 2008

Say It Ain't So

Sarah P. abused her power and violated the public trust in Alaska's Troopergate scandal. This we now know. So, what creative hyperbole will this team of non-Dallas Mavericks use to shift the focus on this one? Considering that the two most powerful Republicans in Alaska, Sarah P. and Senator Ted Stevens, both appear to be "ridin' dirty," what does that say about GOP political culture in Carlos Boozer's home state? Maybe we shouldn't be so worried about those "Chicago pols" that Sarah and John Boy keep whining about. It's those Alaska pols that we need to watch out for.

And while we're on the Windy City, here's another question, did Sarah P. even know who Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground were before Karl Rove's former "do boy," Steve Schmidt, forwarded her the wiki link or did she think they were a 60s rock band?

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