Nov 20, 2008

Doin' Too Much

In all the continuing hoopla surrounding Obama's election victory, I knew that there would come a time when we went from the sublime to the ridiculous, but I had hoped that it might take a while before things got out of hand. But no, the shenanigans have started already.

Erin Aubrey Kaplan's recent Salon piece "First Lady Got Back" is just the type of unnecessary rhetorical nonsense we don't need.

I'm sorry Erin, but the fact that you feel a connection to Michelle Obama because of the size of her ass is a personal matter, not something worthy of public discussion. This is not only an inappropriate topic of conversation, but it is especially silly to boot. You are doin' way too much!

Save conversations like this for lunch with your girlfriends, please. Or at least publish it in Essence so this way I won't be in danger of accidentally running across the article while searching for something more meaningful to read.

I know people are all excited about the election and rightly so, but this ain't Real Housewives of Atlanta! So let's try and avoid the dumb "shiznit" going forward, if at all possibly.

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Heatwave said...

preach THAT please...