Nov 1, 2008

Keep My Name Out Your Mouth

"Why they let the Terminator win the election?"
Why, Jadakiss

I was disappointed to read Arnold's comments about Barack Obama at a recent McCain rally. The man made famous for playing a robot has the nerve to criticize Obama's ideas? What?!

I have long had a problem with accepting Arnold as a legitimate politician. I'm sorry. Here's a man who came into this country as a body builder and later became a movie star appearing in some of the most asinine movies of the 80s and 90s, yet I'm now supposed to regard him as a leader with substance? We have gone down this road before with Reagan, a man known for playing second to a monkey in his Hollywood days, now onto Arnold, a man embraced for his accented mispronunciation of the state where he is governor and for calling his critics "girly men"? (Now if a Latino mispronounces an English word while attempting to speak their second language or if a rapper calls someone a "bitch," it's the end of western civilization as we know it, but with Arnold it's all in good fun?)

The GOP needs to stop. Reagan, Arnold, Sarah P., Harriet Myers, Alberto Gonzales, and last but not least, Four-Trey, among countless others. Stop trying to fill these these empty suits with ideas. It's tired and true, you can't put ten pounds of worth of ideas into a five pound bag of intellectual depravity.

Arnold, check yourself before you wreck yourself, Daddy. One of Obama's ideas would explode your lil' pea brain.

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