Nov 25, 2008

NY State of Mind

"New York/New York/big city of dreams/but everything in New York ain't always what it seems."
Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, New York, New York

Am I the only one annoyed by the incessant talk about the possibility of LeBron James signing with the New York Knicks or the New Jersey Nets in two years when he is a free agent? Why are we talking about this two years out? Why, because New York has a way of creating it's own hype, however unnecessary.

In the modern age, where with a cell phone and a computer you can be practically anywhere and still get love, where the media will find you no matter how much you try to hide out, what's the big deal about going to NY? I mean, don't get me wrong, I dig NY, but the days of needing to be in a major media market like NY to maximize one's marketing potential has long passed. Not to mention that this whole "mecca of basketball" idea, as it pertains to NY, is severely outdated. The woeful Knicks organization and the NY media market broke Isiah and Larry Brown recently, not to mention, the Knicks haven't won a title since the 70s. As for King James and his friendship with Jay-Z, great, but let's stop there for now. If LeBron chooses to go to the Nets because of his friendship with Jay, that's not about business, that's about friendship.

We are only in the first month of this season and then we have a full season after this before the outstanding free agent class of 2010 will be able to parlay. To talk about 2010 now ignores the reality of this season and the next. It makes it seem like LeBron is just biding his time. What about winning now, in Cleveland? Does that even matter?

All this NY talk is premature. LBJ is fortunate to be able to put on for his city, that being, of course, the aforementioned "Mistake by the Lake," Cleveland. It's rare that you get the chance to rep your hometown in the NBA. King James needs to keep his mind focused on what Flip Wilson in Uptown Saturday Night called the "church of what's happenin' now."

Drive slow, homie and deal with 2010 in 2010. I really don't want to hear about all this speculation for the next two years, but I'm sure this will only get worst.

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