Nov 9, 2008

"Our Long National Nightmare is Over"

What up?/what's happ'nin'?/all you haters/should get at me/'cause I hear ya/ and I'm watchin'/but I'm serious/haters/so all I gotta say is what up?
T.I., "What Up?"

There are so many levels upon which Obama's recent victory signals change, not the lest of which is a profound change to the political direction of this nation. For me, Obama's ascendancy represents the potential end to the Reagan Revolution. As the faltering economy tells us daily, the exploits of casino capitalism have failed miserably. The John Wayne style gung ho militarism has run its course as well.

Right-wing Republican politics were dealt a death blow this past Tuesday night. Obama is the first Democrat since JFK to be elected President who isn't a southerner. While the euphoria of this historic election still swirls in the air, the full evidence of this dramatic change will reveal itself over time to be more profound than even the obvious racial difference that President-Elect Obama brings to the White House. Sam Cooke said that it would be a "long time comin'" and we've only scratched the surface.

All this means that "The Comedian" Rush Limbaugh, "Billo the Clown," and the rest of their lot really have something to hate about now. They better get use to the bitter taste that the name Obama will have ever time they utter it because they will be saying it a lot over these next four years.

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