Nov 25, 2008

Rolle Model

One of the most inspiring sports stories to come out in some time involves Florida State defensive back Myron Rolle recently being awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. Rolle missed the first quarter of Florida State's game against Maryland on Saturday, while interviewing for the scholarship. He would arrive in Maryland later via private plane, eventually making a dramatic entrance during the second quarter. Rolle, who will graduate from FSU early and is interested in becoming a neurosurgeon one day, might delay his entrance into the NFL to study at Oxford next year.

How cool it is to read a story about a true scholar-athlete. Normally news out of the Florida State football offices has to do with an athlete having encountered some form of trouble; thus the moniker, the "Criminoles." But this time the news is about a promising young man who excels in the classroom and on the field. In an age where some people find a way to mistakenly praise basketball player Brandon Jennings--who decided to go to Italy to play ball because he couldn't pass the SAT--for subverting NCAA hegemony, Rolle demonstrates that the terms "student" and "athlete" are not mutually exclusive.

Big ups to Myron Rolle! As the diabolical Biz Markie would say, "damn it feels good to see people up on it!"

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