Jan 31, 2009

Black Steele in the Hour of Chaos

Though a defeated party, the GOP still won't quite go away. First there were the comments made by the man Keith Olbermann calls "The Comedian," none other than Rush Limbaugh, who stated this week that he hopes President Barack Obama "fails," only to be followed by the news Friday that the Grand Old Party has selected an African American, Michael Steele, to lead the Republican National Committee. All of this was taking place during a week when the Republicans on Capital Hill were chugging down gallons of haterade as they try to stop Obama's economic stimulus plans, in spite of his noble attempts to bridge the so-called partisan divide. For a vanquished party, the Republicans are still making a lot of noise; at least for the time being.

First of all, Limbaugh, in saying that he hopes that Obama fails, is really saying that he hopes that the nation fails, right? Because logic would suggest that if the President fails, at this especially volatile time, then the nation would be worst off for it. For some reason though, I've missed the tear and feathers, and accusations of Limbaugh being "anti-American." I guess the anti-American tag only applies to Democrats?

Obama would probably do well not to call Limbaugh's name, because every time he does, it's a scenario not unlike the one Jay-Z described when he said "if I shot you I'm brainless/if you shot me you're famous." Limbaugh, who by the way is a radio jock, not a politician, lest anyone forget, stands to benefit every time he gets acknowledged by the President. Don't feed the animals. A preferred method of dealing with him would be to invoke the Tony Soprano "he's dead to me" mantra and let the idiot die a death of irrelevancy like that of the defeated political party that he stomps so hard for on the radio everyday.

As for Michael Steele, it appears that the Republicans have either a) suddenly discovered the word "diversity" in the dictionary or b) think that only another African American should run their party now that Obama is in office? What is this, tit for tat? Quid pro quo, Dr. Lecter? Can you say "tokenism"?

Michael Steele, I've got news for you Playboy, you are no Barack Obama. So all that talk about running over those who try to obstruct your party needs to be squashed. Win an election and then you can talk, otherwise just fall back. Maybe if the Republicans had gotten the diversity memo 2 years ago, it might have made a difference, but at this point Michael Steele is just a black face running a party reduced to watching the action from the sidelines. Too little, too late. Turn off the lights, the party's over; the Republican party, that is!

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