Jan 13, 2009

Tim Tebow's Ice is Colder

Some people tend to have very short memories. In reading and listening to all the recent talk about University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, one would come to assume that Tebow has actually done something that has never been done before. Tebow's skills as a runner and a passer are being lauded as though no college quarterback ever possessed such a combination. Is Tebow the first college quarterback who can hurt you with his arm as well as his feet? Hell no! You ever heard of Vince Young? Oh, I'm sorry, VY is yesterday's news. It was only 3 years ago that VY set the Rose Bowl field on fire with perhaps the greatest college bowl game performance ever. His 467 total yards, including the game winning touchdown with 19 seconds left, lead his Texas Longhorns to an upset of the USC Trojans, who themselves were closing in on a historic 3peat as college football's national champions. Tebow's 341 total yards, while admittedly an impressive performance, pale in comparison.

My point here is not to praise VY--trust me, it was my Trojans that VY ran over and around that January night back in 2006!--so much as it is to point out the blatant bias that has accompanied Tebow's success. VY is but one person to contrast Tebow against. VY's opponent that night Matt Leinart had won his own Heisman back in 2004 and was 19 seconds away from winning a third national title in a row. Leinart lost a whooping 2 games in his entire career as a starter, and one of those was the Texas Rose Bowl lose. Tebow has already lost 5 games since becoming the Gators starting QB.

Tebow, the son of evangelical missionaries, and a "jack leg" preacher himself, was home schooled, though allowed to participate in high school football due to a Florida law that allows this. I have never been a fan of home schooling. The racial and cultural undertones of such a practice is quite appalling, really. If you don't want to go to the public school, you shouldn't be allowed to participate in it's sports program. Participating in the sports program of a local school is a right and a privilege for those who attend the school, not those who choose to avoid attending it. Yet this conservative, evangelical, crew cut-wearing QB is now the toast of a university which represents the state that delivered GB 43 to the White House in that infamous "jacked" election back in 2000. Why I am I not surprised?!

At one point in the BCS game Tebow did that ridiculous Gator chomp, clearly taunting his opponent, and what did the sycophantic announcer say? Something like this might be the first mistake that he's ever made? Nothing about poor sportsmanship or thuggish behavior, no, other people's character flaws are treated as leadership strengths for Tebow.

There is nothing new about Tebow's ability to run and pass other than the fact that the people who did it before him, people like VY and Michael Vick, are black and Tebow is white. What did Mos Def say, "If white boys doin' it/well/it's success/When I start doin' it/well/it's suspect." Tebow's style, politics, and his race make him a hero for some people. Alas, enough with all this jock ridin', please! I'm not saying he isn't a good player, but his skills are nowhere near the hype that he has generated. I guess it stands to reason though in a sport where black head coaches are next to non-existent that the desire for another great white hope trumps the need for a more equitable and diverse workplace.

(By the way, can we please retire all further Superman references that have nothing to do with the fictional Superman character?!)


Scott Bonnell said...

Very insightful. Your writing stimulates my intellect.


Sandy Gholston said...

Yes indeed. We do have stunningly short memories when it comes to comparisons. We always focus on the latest and greatest. Tim Tebow is an excellent college quarterback (and an underrated athlete) who, in my opinion, should have won the Heisman again. But, Vince Young was incomparable with his performance in that game.

Anonymous said...

I think that it is very rude and shallow to stereotype people based on their PARENT'S choice on where they get their education from. Furthermore, the fact that you want to condemn Tebow for one incident is absolutely absurd. Nobody is perfect (regardless of how he is portrayed) and I'm impressed by the fact that he isn't out robbing places, getting drunk every other day, and screwing every other girl he sees like every other athlete these days. Why don't you write somthing about that?!?