Jan 6, 2009

You Played Yourself

Uncle Roland Burris and Mr. R. Blag

What is up with Roland Burris? It's one thing for embattled Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich to engage in this grand act of political theater by nominating Burris, but why would Burris go along with this stunt? In other words, getting played is bad, playin' yourself is worst. Burris is clearly a pawn in R. Blag's game, a cynical game of racial politics used to stir up confusion, while homie awaits his federal indictment. It seems that R. Blag's assumes that if he can stir up enough animus with this nomination that maybe he can detract attention away from what appears to be his own impending doom. But even if Burris is finally seated, as all indications suggest that his appointment is legal, he will have no credibility. He is destined to be a comic footnote.

I'm sorry--or maybe I'm not--but there seems to be something a bit coonish about Burris' eager participation in all of this. He appears quite "happy to be there," as it were. Burris is playing Rochester to R. Blag's Jack Benny.

Eddie "Rochester" Anderson and Jack Benny

I had hoped that the shufflin', grinnin', compliant sycophant was now a thing of the past, but not so quick. Between Burris' old soft shoe routine and New York congressman Charlie Rangel's mounting troubles, it seems that not everyone has turned in their clown suits just yet. Stephin' Fetchit is still in the building. Roland Burris is nothing more than a political mascot right now. This would really be painful to watch if it wasn't so subversively funny. Roland Burris is a joke and I refuse to stop laughing until he puts his tap shoes away.

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