Feb 20, 2009

Gorillaz in the Mist

So the New York Post has got jokes it seems. Their cartoon this week featuring two cops shooting down a monkey with a reference to the recent stimulus bill has riled the feathers of many New Yorkers and others from around the country. Is The Post calling our 44th President a monkey? Some feel as though the image of the monkey is a bit too close for comfort, considering the longstanding racist practice of linking African Americans with primates. I'm assuming that Gorilla Zoe and G(orilla) Unit didn't get this memo?

Anyway, as this non-story evolves into a story, I find myself unmoved, if not cynically smiling. We shouldn't delude ourselves into thinking that since Obama has become the President that racism will just stop automatically. There will be utterances of racism as long as we have racially insensitive people among us. Yet with a black President calling the shots, such racist examples, particularly those that defame the Commander-in-Chief directly, can't go without being checked anymore.

I regard the Post's cartoon as exposure. To Rupert Murdoch and The Post, it's simple, you played yourself! This is perhaps the first act of many that will try to make some sort of veiled or not so veiled reference to race that will be quickly challenged by virtue of the fact that you can't go around dissing the shot caller without being put in check. Such instances are really racial teaching moments waiting to happen.

People can march and protest all they want. It doesn't matter. The NY Post and all others who choose to engage in the game of race baiting will be swiftly made to answer for their sins. Just watch. This situation has already gotten more traction than would normally be the case and not because of that signifyin' monkey Al Sharpton either. It has nothing to do with Sharpton, actually. It has everything to do with the power of the Presidency though; power, both visible and invisible.

Now that he has cut his hair and doesn't have to go in for a touch up as often, Al Sharpton has time on his hands and needs something to do, so he sits around waiting for racial controversies to exploit. He's a racial ambulance chaser, that's all. But Al, I got news for ya Bruh. The President don't need your protests. Actually there's nothing you can do for the man, other than get out of the way. You have no juice and you are not needed. If anything, you make matters worst because your lack of credibility sullies the waters so much so that your presence actually takes away from legitimate claims. You could really do us all a big favor if you simply went somewhere and sat ur ass down. Please! When perms come back in, we'll holla, but until then, as Mom Dukes might say, make yourself scarce.

Is this not 2009? Protest marches accomplish nothing. When are people going to get out of that old school 60s mindset? While I realize that many people like feeling as though they are perpetual victims, the time for being a victim has long passed. Barack Obama is the President. Not the President of the NAACP, mind you, but the President of the Unites States. Those who get on Mr. President's bad side will have to pay, just like Woltz in The Godfather and Senator Geery in Godfather II. That's the beauty of it all to me. A lot of things that people use to be able to get away with in terms of race and racial discourse will now be scrutinized much more thoroughly and the offenders will find themselves having to answer for their misdeeds. That's what it means to be in power.

Though there will undoubtedly be others who are foul and ignorant in regards to their racial utterances, the power of the Presidency will now force the offenders to quickly come correct. So get your head out of the 60s and back into the present. Stop marching. It looks real corny now. I realize that Tyler Perry's new movie opened today, but I was hoping that we could keep the coonin' confined to the theaters. Wishful thinking, I guess?

By the way, speaking of monkeys, you ever notice that "they" always show Planet of the Apes during Black History Month? What's up with that?


Heatwave said...

Al Sharpton = Signifyin' Monkey

"Gorillaz in the Mist" may be my favorite blog to date.

*particulary paragraph 5


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you didn't get the memo that for the past 50 years in the movie making and media business, monkey's have been related to senators, government positions, and the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz from the witch whom they followed.(Flying Monkeys = Awesome)