May 12, 2009

Colored People Talkin' Greasy While Dancing For Fried Chicken

Los Angeles Clippers' owner Donald Sterling

Colored People...

I have long known that the NAACP was a useless organization, but the recent news that this outdated collection of Bojanglin' handkerchief heads is now honoring LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling with a lifetime achievement award is a low that even I, in all my infinite cynicism, could not have predicted. That's right, Sunday's LA Times featured several large, eye-catching ads promoting the NAACP's Roy Wilkins Freedom Fund Awards Gala on May 14th, with Sterling's award heading a longer list of honorees and sponsors, which include Sterling's wife, Shelley.

I originally wrote about Sterling back in February, when the news broke that former Clippers GM Elgin Baylor was suing Sterling for racial discrimination. Sterling is also the target of a Justice Department law suit regarding housing discrimination. And FYI, this is a law suit that began with the politicized Bush Justice Department, so no one can argue about a liberal bias here. Sterling has long been a questionable character in regards to discriminatory housing, but no one, including NBA commissioner David Stern, seems to care very much. I mean, who gets charged with housing discrimination these days anyway? That's so 1960s.

From the look of the ads for the NAACP event in the Sunday LA Times, which by the way bare a striking resemblance to the ads that Sterling regularly runs to advertise his properties, it would be reasonable to conclude that Sterling has purchased this award as a way to bolster his defenses against repeated charges of racism. While Sterling's motivation seems obvious, what is on the NAACP's mind here? How could this organization, with all its rich history of fighting the good fight, sell itself to such a questionable source? How could the NAACP allow itself to be used in this way? I mean, this is not even subtle.

As I said at the beginning though, I am not surprised. The NAACP is an organization that still identifies itself as an organization for "colored people." How wack is that? That title and the actions to support such a dubious character as Sterling speaks to the organization's plantation era sense of racial politics. Such an organization should be ashamed of itself. More importantly, such an organization should be extinct by now.

Talkin' Greasy...

And while I'm on NBA owners who need to be put in check, how about Mark Cuban's actions on Saturday night after his Mavericks lost a close game to the Denver Nuggets?

Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban

Cuban spotted the mother of Nugget's player Kenyon Martin and went about berating K. Mart to her face. Not only was this move classless on Cuban's part, but it also deserves appropriate action. If K. Mart had seen Cuban's mom in the stands and starting talkin' greasy to her, he would most certainly be suspended or disciplined in some fashion for his remarks. Cuban's apology is so defensive that it is basically meaningless. NBA players get popped for any and everything it seems, but the owners live by a different set of rules.

Dancing for Fried Chicken...

Finally, what is up with so-called celebrity chef G. Garvin doing ads for KFC? Just what we need, another black man dancing for fried chicken! (Ok, I know, the ad is for the new KFC grilled chicken, but you get my point.) Yo G, you have been downgraded my brotha. You're a cook, not a chef! There is a big difference, you know....

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P. Cunningham said...

It looks like Kenyon Martin is about to put your boy Mark Cuban in check for "talkin' greasy" to his mother. Hey, K-Mart is tatted up and dates Trina: I'm scared for ol' Marky-Mark.