Feb 27, 2017

Dr. Boyd on the NFL Network in Classic Games in Black History and "The Forgotten Four"

Dr. Todd Boyd on the NFL Network

During the month of February, Dr. Boyd appeared on the NFL Network during the airing of a block of programming titled "Classic Games in Black History."  These were rebroadcasts of several games deemed historically important because of their racial significance.  The games include, Super Bowl XXII, when Washington's Doug Williams became the first African American quarterback to win a Super Bowl. The L.A. Raiders vs. New York Jets from the 1989 regular season, when Art Shell became the first black NFL head coach of the modern era, and Super Bowl XLI where two Tony Dungy faced his former protegee Lovie Smith, as two African American head coaches lead their respective teams on the biggest stage. The network also aired the documentary "Forgotten Four" about the integration of the NFL in 1946.  Dr. Boyd provided both pre and post game commentary for each game, as well as commentary about the history of integrating the NFL prior to the airing of the documentary.   

Steve Wyche and Dr. Todd Boyd on the NFL Network

"The Forgotten Four: The Integration of Pro Football"

"The Forgotten Four: The Integration of Pro Football" seeks to explain why four brave African-American men who re-integrated professional football have been left out of memory when they broke the color barrier in professional football before Jackie Robinson in professional baseball.

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